Wohkudu Beach Gunung Kidul

Wohkudu Beach Gunung Kidul


Visiting wohkudu beach while on vacation in Gunung Kidul is the right choice, considering Gunung Kidul is a regency in Yogyakarta which has a winner of a row of white sandy beaches clad in kareng stones.

Most of the beach is a popular tourist attraction among the people, because of that many beaches when vacation is filled with visitors which makes us prefer tired and uncomfortable making the mind not refreshed. Some people who go for a vacation in a quiet and natural place can really enjoy a vacation with satisfaction.

The road to Wohkudu Beach includes a cast block while several blocks have been damaged, but this road can be traversed by a private 2-wheeled vehicle. Your vehicle can only reach the parking lot.

From the parking lot, visitors need a foot to go down the hill approximately takes 10-15 minutes. Fatigue down the hill will pay off compiling to see the beautiful panorama of Wohkudu Beach which is enchanting. Entrance ticket to Wohkudu beach is 3000 / person and 2000 parking / motorbike.

Wohkudu beach in Gunungkidul is a beach that is still beautiful and natural and has not been touched by many people. How to get the right nickname in heaven, while you will find a different scene while in this cool beach.

Wohkudu Beach in Gunungkidul does not have adequate facilities such as the beaches in Gunungkidul. Before going to buy food, there are no food stalls on this beach, and toilets are not yet available, it is truly natural.

This beach is recommended as a camping site. on the edge of the beach is grown by the grass that is green can set up tents. On the east side of Wohkudu Beach, including many benefits in fishing, also looking for lobster by residents near the coast.

At Wohkudu beach you can enjoy all the beauty without the hassle of people because the beach is privately owned. However, you must destroy the biodiversity and animals on this beach. So that this beach remains clean, it is forbidden to litter.

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