Watu Lumbung Beach

Watu Lumbung Beach


Watu Lumbung Beach has a beach that consists of a headland with steep cliffs. So it looks beautiful and exotic and we highly recommend that you visit while on vacation in Gunungkidul. It looks unique and special because there are coral formations that form rice barns. Residents around the beach find Watu Lumbung.

The name of the beach is quite unique. The word is taken from Javanese. Watu can be interpreted to mean rocks or coral formations that we can see on this beach. Whereas the word granary is a kind of building for storing rice and grains traditionally. Perhaps the naming of this beach because the coral formation is similar to a granary, especially the largest rock.

If you visit this beautiful beach, the thing that should not be missed is to bring drinking water. Because on this beautiful beach there are no food vendors, also trips from the parking lot are quite draining.

However, all feeling tired, tired and tired while struggling towards the beach. But it will pay off with everything you can enjoy on this beach. An exotic beach that seems like a private beach (because this beach is rarely other visitors), very pampering visitors who come.

Much can be done on this beach, such as selfies enjoying the beauty of hills and exotic open ocean views. When capturing prewadding photos, snorkeling “must be careful” and fishing, but not recommended for swimming.

Most Watu Lumbung beaches only contain coral. Even if there is only a little sand and not like in other beaches in Gunungkidul. The sides of this reef bordering the sea have a deep enough depth. Read on this beach the waves also get bored hit the Watu Lumbung beach coral formation.

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