Seeing the Waterfall on Jogan Beach

Seeing the Waterfall on Jogan Beach


There are so many beaches in Gunungkidul, but in each of the beaches there, it has its own uniqueness, one of which is the Timang Beach which is famous for its adrenaline test,

Ngobaran Beach which has a unique atmosphere like in Bali. But that’s not what we will review, this time Exotic Jogja will review the uniqueness of Jogan Beach which is famous for the Waterfall located on the beach.

The uniqueness and beauty of Jogan Gunungkidul Beach is not yet well-known and is still slightly exposed by the media, so that not many local or foreign tourists come to this place.

But it is unfortunate if a visit to Gunungkidul does not stop by this beach, because this beach has a uniqueness that is a waterfall that immediately falls free from the top of the cliff to the shore of Jogan beach.

The height of the waterfall reaches about 10 meters with a source of flowing water coming from the hills to the north of this beach. The gurgling of water that falls and then is hit by the sea breeze gives freshness in the middle of the beach which tends to be hot.

The white rock that is typical in Gunungkidul is the background of this small waterfall, and adds to the beauty and exoticism that is almost hard to find on other beaches.

To see the beauty of the waterfall and the white rocks that are the background, it is highly recommended that you go down. To be able to go down, you will pass a descent from the limestone hill to the right of the waterfall, please be careful when going down.

After reaching the bottom, you can enjoy a cool and very refreshing waterfall splash. Fresh waterfalls were washed down in the hills of the Gunungkidul karst.

It makes you feel like you can’t believe that in Gunungkidul where is famous for its arid nature but actually has a lot of water sources hidden in the bowels of the earth.

The waterfall itself has a uniqueness that the water directly flows into the sea because this Jogan beach does not have a sea boundary line.

So the beach is different from other beaches in Gunung Kidul which can usually be used to play water or swim.

We suggest you come to Jogan Beach, preferably during the rainy season. In this season, the flow of water will be available large enough so that the waterfall that adorns Jogan Beach looks beautiful. Don’t come during the dry season, to avoid the absence of water flowing in the coastwater.

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