Rock Climbing at Siung Beach

Rock Climbing at Siung Beach


The beach tourism in Gunung Kidul is endless. Lately, many beautiful beaches have come to the surface, but the beaches are not yet famous, but they have extraordinary beauty.

But that is not what we will discuss, Siung Beach is a beach that is quite well known in Yogyakarta and is even well known to foreign countries. Siung Beach is a beautiful beach that is highly recommended for visits with family and friends because of its easy access.

Siung Beach, besides its easy access, this beach is a beach tour which is quite famous in Yogyakarta, the beach is located in the beautiful coastal area of ​​Gunung Kidul.

It has an attraction because it has a beautiful white sandy beach which adds to the attractiveness of tourists to visit this beach. Unlike other famous beaches, there is a lot of garbage, this beach is still quite satisfying cleanliness.

One uniqueness that stands out from Siung Beach is the presence of coral stones. This giant rock on the west and east coast has a fairly important role.

Not only to be a beauty enhancer and as well as a barrier with other beaches. The rock is also the basis of the naming of the beach.

The rock which is the basis for naming the beach is located rather protruding into the ocean. The name of this beach is taken from the shape of a rock that according to local residents, resembles an ape tooth or can also be called Siung Wanara.

Until now, this rock can still be found and enjoyed its beauty by visitors, combined with the great waves characteristic of the south coast that sometimes hit it, until the gaps are hit by sea water and then flow slowly or drip beautiful, presenting a dramatic and exotic scenery .

Besides being able to do swimming activities and play water in a cluster of rocks, you can also climb on the hill next to the beach, where you can rest while enjoying the natural scenery from the top of the hill.

From the top of the hill, you can see the Indian Ocean which is so broad, blue, and clear. On the western side of the hill there are international scale rock climbing sports facilities.

Lots of tourists who come both domestic and foreign tourists visit this place to try the challenging and very interesting cliff-length sport.

Because the difficulty levels of rock climbing are different and challenging, the Siung Beach area is often used as a location for holding national and international level rock climbing sports.

Most residents around Siung Beach currently work as salt farmers. They rely on sea water as a source of livelihood.

The salt produced on this beach by Siung residents, which at that time was the main merchandise in the Winangun market, is sometimes exported to Yogyakarta.

Although rich in various types of fish and crabs, there are not many people who dare to go out to sea. Generally, they only look for fish on the edge.

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