Ngrumput Beach

Ngrumput Beach


Playing on the white sand beach is exciting and very popular. Visiting Gunung Kidul is the right choice to make it all happen. This time we will give Fun Beach to camp in Gunungkidul, Ngrumput beach.

Not all beaches in Gunung Kidul can be easily reached. Some beaches require visitors to walk past which is quite tiring, because there are hidden ones and not the main road to access the road to the other Gunung Kidul beach, you need to walk and park your vehicle at Drini Beach. This beach is still untouched by many people, so it looks beautiful and natural and is highly recommended for camping procurement by most visitors.

This beach is adjacent to Drini beach, only about 800-900 m to the east of Drini beach and can only be traveled on foot. This beach is crossed in the village of Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. is a beach that is suitable for camping with friends or organizations because the place is flat and quite wide.

Unlike its name, this Ngrumput beach produces a beach that is overgrown with green grass, but this beach has exotic beach views and has clean white sandy beaches combined with coral rocks scattered in the coastal area.

The coastal area also has several high cliffs, cave passageways and perforated reefs which are its main attraction. The interesting part that you won’t find on other Gunungkidul beaches is the compilation of incoming waves and waves through a sizable hole on the edge of the perforated reef.

To see this beach from a height, visitors can climb the summit of Bukit Kosakora which is east of this beach. This beach will look beautiful from the top of the hill, with the dominance of white sand that fills each corner of the beach with a few rocks.

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