Mendut temple

Mendut temple


Mendut Temple is a Buddhist Buddhist temple located on Mayor Kusen Road in the city of Magelang, located about 3 kilometers from Borobudur temple.

Established during the reign of King Indra of the Sunilendra dynasty. In the inscription inscription dated 824 AD.

King Indra has built a sacred building called wenuwana which means bamboo forest. By a Dutch archaeologist named J.G de Carparies this word is associated with the Mendut Temple.

The temple building material is actually brick covered with natural stone. The building is located in a high basement, making it more graceful and sturdy.

The stairs go up and the entrance faces west-south. Above the basement is a hall that surrounds the body of the temple. The roof is three-story and is decorated with small statues. The number of small statues installed today is 48.
The height of the building is 26.4 meters

The decorations found in the Mendut temple are intertwined. It is adorned with carved creatures of the form of gandarwa and apsara or angel, two monkeys and an eagle.

On both sides of the stairs are reliefs of Pancatantra and jataka stories. The walls of the temple are decorated with Buddhist reliefs including Awalokiteśwara, Maitreya, Wajrapāṇi and Manjuśri. On the walls of the temple are reliefs of kalpataru, two angels, Harītī (a repentant witness and later Buddha) and Āţawaka.

The master of the temple contains three large Buddhist statues: the Dhyani Buddha Wairocana with the hand gesture (mudra) dharmacakramudra. In front of the Buddha statue there is a wheel-shaped relief and is enclosed by a pair of deer, a Buddhist emblem. On the left is the Awalokiteśwara (Padmapāņi) statue and the Wajrapāņi statue.

Exactly next to the Mendut temple is the Buddhist temple of Mendut. The monastery was once a Catholic monastery that was later subdivided into the people in the 1950s.

Then these people’s lands were purchased by a Buddhist foundation and built on it. In this monastery there are dormitories, places of worship, parks, and some Buddhist statues. Some of these are Japanese donations.

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