Bendung Kamijoro Park

Bendung Kamijoro Park


Kamijoro Weir Park becomes a New Alternative Tourism

Kamijoro Dam was built for irrigating 2370 hectares of rice fields in Bantul Regency. This dam is located on the border of Bantul and Kulonprogo, DI Yogyakarta.

Completed at the end of 2018, now this Dam turned famous as a tourist spot. In Indonesia, as long as you can make photos as tourist attractions.

The Kamijoro Dam was designed as a dam for the Plambongan Hamlet. Meanwhile, Kamijoro Dam Park is located west of the Progo River in the Kaliwiru Hamlet, Tuksongo, Sentolo, Kulonprogo.

Interesting, located parks and photo spots that you can find in Kamijoro Dam. This is perfect for your weekend, friend, Jogja!

Kamijoro weir is located in Plambongan Hamlet, Triwidadi, Pajangan, Bantul. There is a bridge that is connected with Kulonprogo Regency, returned in Kaliwiru Hamlet, Tuksongo, Sentolo, Kulonprogo.

In a day there are thousands of tourists who come to Kamijoro Dam. Chinese New Year holidays alone reach more than 3000 visitors! Wow, it’s crowded.

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