Baron Beach

Baron Beach


Yogyakarta will never end if you review the wealth owned by this city titled ‘Special Region’.

Not only is it rich in culture, art, and local wisdom, but Yogyakarta also holds many tourist attractions that are no less amazing than other cities. One of the types of tourist attractions most targeted by young people to date is the beach.

Yogyakarta is known as a city that has dozens of beaches, both white and black sand beaches. Among several beaches, Baron Beach is one of the beaches that still gets a place in the hearts of visitors. Not a few visitors to this place who come from out of town or even from guests from abroad.

Baron Beach is located in Kemandang Village, Kec. Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. To go to this location, it is necessary to pass a journey of approximately 1 hour with a distance of approximately 40km from the center of Yogyakarta.

Baron Beach is still the right tourist destination because in this place visitors can not only enjoy the natural scenery and cool atmosphere on the beach, but visitors can also enjoy a variety of culinary cuisine. In addition, there also have many interesting spots that can be accessed by visitors for just hunting photos or enjoying its beauty.


As discussed as above, Baron Beach not only has a beach where visitors can enjoy the view, but also has many interesting places to enjoy such as:

1. Bay and River

2. Mercusuar

3. Fishing Boat

Rows of fishing boats on the beach are often used by visitors to take pictures because of the attractive design of the ship.

4. Culinary

It’s not enough just to be spoiled from the scenery and unique spots in it, this beach which is full of white sand also presents many sea culinary choices. There are lined stalls that sell a variety of menus such as crabs, snapper, shrimp, cob, tiger prawns, and many others.

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