Try snorkeling at Sadranan Beach

Try snorkeling at Sadranan Beach


Talking about the beaches in Gunung Kidul is endless. Dozens of beautiful beaches are ready to welcome the tourists. White sand that adds to the beauty of the beach with a view that is so enchanting. And interestingly, these beaches have their own charm.

But it seems not fun to just look at the view from above. Curious about the view at the bottom of the beach? Any type of fish that is at the bottom of the beach, or various other types of marine life. Curious?

If you want to see marine life, you can choose Sadranan Beach. On this beach, visitors can rent snorekling equipment and then enjoy the view of various marine life in the sea. But it doesn’t reach the deep sea. In addition to snowballing, visitors can also paddle canoes. Usually, this rental is calculated hourly by the manager.

But if the tour just wants to sit on the beach and enjoy God’s creation that is so enchanting, you can sit on a gasebo and buy some kind of drink. It seems like the most suitable drink to drink on the beach is young coconut. Maybe you will feel a different sensation when drinking young coconuts along the beach with a gentle breeze.

Sadranan Beach itself is administratively located in Pulegundes II Hamlet, Sidoharjo Village, Tepus District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta and is still in a row with another beach.

At Sadranan Beach, there are sometimes visitors who stay overnight by setting up camps and camp fires. But to do this, remember to always keep the beach clean. Do not leave any kind of garbage after camping.

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