Traveled to Sundak Beach

Traveled to Sundak Beach


Sundak Beach. The beach is located in Sidoharjo Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta has its own history from its name. The name Sundak Beach is an abbreviation of asu (dog) and porcupine. It is said that the story first, there is a hungry dog, then found a hedgehog to be food. Finally the dog and porcupine fought in a cave on the beach.

Until now, the cave is still there. The cave, which is formed from a rock with a height of approximately 12 meters, can be visited by tourists. If you enter this cave, you will find a spring that is piped to residents’ homes.

Sundak Beach does have clear water, but don’t swim at this beach because its location is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. If you want to spend the night on this beach, then you should bring equipment to make tents and bonfires because there is no lodging. But no need to worry about food matters, because there are already many stalls selling various seafood dishes or other foods.

On the beach, there are gazebos or huts that are rented out to tourists. However, residents do not set a tariff for rental. Tourists can give money sincerely to rent the hut.

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