Travel the World in a Moment at Merapi Park

Travel the World in a Moment at Merapi Park


City of Gudeg or Yogyakarta, again offers a very attractive tourist destination. This tourist destination is different from other natural tourist destinations. This time we will discuss tourist destinations in Jogja that are ngehits, namely Merapi Park.

This tourist destination located in Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman offers cool spots in the form of replicas of world famous landmarks. Merapi Park was only opened in June 2017. But even so, The World Landmarks designation for Merapi Park is becoming a popular tourist spot in Yogyakarta and has been visited by many tourists. Both from domestic and foreign countries.

Its location which is very close to various other tourist attractions on the slopes of Mount Merapi, makes this place very suitable for you to make a choice for traveling. In this place, there are several world-famous landmarks such as the pisa tower, the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, the Molen De Gooyer windmill and many other replicas.

Besides being able to take pictures with various world famous landmarks, visitors are also presented with several photo spots which are certainly no less interesting.

The location of Merapi Park itself is in front of the Merapi Volcano Museum in Jogja, so you can travel in two places at once. This is of course interesting, on the one hand you travel while learning about Mount Merapi and on the other hand you can travel while knowing icons or landmarks from various famous countries in the World.

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