The beauty of Becici which Obama enjoyed

The beauty of Becici which Obama enjoyed


When talking about Yogyakarta, must have been imagined – the shadow of various types of attractions that can be visited. Tourism in Yogyakarta is famous for its various beaches, but who would have thought if in Yogkarta now there are various forest tourism objects that are no less interesting.

In the Gunung Kidul area, there are many pine forests scattered in several areas that are close together. One of the pinnacle of pine forest that is quite famous is the Becici pine forest. In this Becici Pine Forest, tourists can watch a more romantic sunset precisely at Puncak Becici.

In Yogyakarta there are many pine forests, one of the most popular being the Mangunan Pine Forest, Imogiri, Bantul. But did you know? That not far from the Pine Forest Mangunan there is another pine forest that is no less beautiful. Even from this pine forest you can watch beautiful and romantic twilight. The place is named Puncak Becici.

The forest which has another name Forest Sudimoro I or Becici Asri is a protected forest managed by the Mangunan RPH. Pine plants in the forest are taken to make turpentine sap. But because it has a beautiful panorama at its peak, people flocked to Puncak Becici. Finally Becici Peak is managed by local residents and made one of the new tourist destinations.

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