Nature Tourism in Pule Payung

Nature Tourism in Pule Payung


Want to enjoy nature tourism by looking at the reservoir from a height? This time, we will discuss a hits destination that can be an option to enjoy the natural scenery and take pictures.
Pule Payung itself is located in Saropati Hamlet, Hargotirto Village, Kokak District, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta.

The location of Pule Payung is not far from the Kali Biru tourist spot. the distance is only about 1 km from Kali Biru tourism. The spot offered at Pule Payung is almost the same as what is presented at Kali Biru, so those who want to get a selfie photo with the Sermo Reservoir background can try this new Kulon Progo tour.

There are several interesting spots in this one tourist destination. The first is a fairly large hexagonal viewing post. In addition, there is also a viewing post shaped bridge at a height. This one substation of view becomes an icon of the Umbrella Pule. Panorama of nature in the form of mountains and cool atmosphere became the mainstay of this new tour. So, in addition to getting exotic photos of the times as blue, we also get a very awesome view, without having to wait too long in the queue of course.

sky bike

To enter the tourist sites, visitors are pegged at a rate of Rp 5,000, is not cheap enough? In addition to providing a fun panorama, Pule Payung has lots of spots for selfies. There is a sky bike spot, lollipop, heaven bridge and so on. But, to be able to photographs will incur additional costs. For sky bikes an additional fee of IDR 15,000 will be charged. Then to spot the heaven bridge and also lollipop will cost Rp 10,000.

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