Get to know Parangtritis Beach

Get to know Parangtritis Beach


When vacationing in Jogja, it’s not complete if you haven’t visited Parangtritis beach. The beach which is located around 25 kilometers south of the city of Yogyakarta has indeed become one of the most visited favorite beaches.

Parangtritis beach atmosphere when crowded

On this beach, visitors are not only presented by the beauty of the beach, but also various other activities ranging from riding a horse, riding an ATV, riding a horseback, playing a kite, to enjoying the sunset.

Parangtritis Beach has a long coastline and is directly bordered by several beaches next to it, such as Parangkusumo Beach, Depok Beach and other beaches to the west.

Parangtritis Beach is different from the beaches in the Gunung Kidul region because of the color of the sand. It is said that black sand on Parangtritis Beach is sand originating from the slopes of Merapi. This volcanic material is carried by the opaque river flow. In some locations this sand turns into beautiful sand dune and resembles a desert landscape.

Many visitors come to Parangtritis Beach in the afternoon to watch the sunset which is one of the attractions of this beach. If you want to spend the night around the beach at once, and watch the sun rise the next day, you don’t need to worry. Around the area of ​​Parangtritis Beach there are also villas and hotels that are quite cheap. For a simple class of lodging, prices range from 25,000 permalam and for villas and hotels prices start from 300 thousand to 2 million rupiah.

On certain days, you can also watch some big events such as Melasti to Labuhan. Among Javanese people, Parangtritis Beach is very closely related to the legend of Nyai Roro Kidul who is a woman who ruled the South Sea. That said, this beach is the entrance to the palace Nyai Roro Kidul. Because of this, the Yogyakarta Sultan’s Big Family always held a way to port or offer a barrel on this beach. The event is held annually in the month of Suro.

labuhan (cr. on picture)

In addition to the harbor that was held by the Kraton family, there was also a harbor that was carried out by the surrounding community called Pisungsung Jaladri Harbor. This Labuhan is also held once a year and is participated by thousands of Bantul people. Whereas every night on Tuesday Kliwon or Friday Kliwon there will be residents, tourists, or fishermen who conduct individual food stalls.

Not only harbor, thousands of Yogyakarta Hindus also carry out Melasti ceremonies around the Parangtritis Coast region. The event will begin with a carnival accompaniment accompanied by Balinese gamelan then end with a melarung offering or pakelem. Besides being followed by Hindus, the Melasti procession which is full of art performances also attracts many tourists.

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