Enjoying the Land of Clouds in Bukit Panguk

Enjoying the Land of Clouds in Bukit Panguk


The tourist attractions in Jogja seem to be endless. Various tourist destinations ranging from beaches, history, gardens to forests are available in Yogyakarta. Even in one region, has a variety of tourist destinations.


Still located in the highlands, this tourist destination is also known as the land of clouds. This Panguk Bukit tourist destination is a favorite of tourists who want to hunt sunrise or sunset.

Located in Kediwung Hamlet, Mangunan Village, Dlingo Subdistrict, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Bukit Panguk is still an area with pine forests and Mangunan fruit orchards.


For visitors who like taking selfies or taking pictures, this place is guaranteed to have a number of photo spots that will not disappoint. The view of clouds and combined with pine trees and mountains that become the background, will definitely have more value.

Not only for tourists who like to take pictures, but also suitable for tourists who want to refresh the mind. The air of the hill with refreshing trees combined with such a beautiful view can be a soul therapy. Especially if during the working day doing a lot of activities that drain energy and mind, this place is suitable for relaxation.

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